Every business has limited resources, and every speaker has limited time and attention. All Things Speaking can help you grow your speaking business by shifting your focus from peripheral activities toward work that allows you to develop your platform skills. Outsourcing gives you access to talent with over two decades of experience. Most importantly, our à la carte menu provides a cost structure and economy of scale than gives you an important competitive advantage!



We offer clerical support in place of hiring a secretary, administrative assistant or customer service representative to work 40 hours a week. Why pay someone $24,000 a year to answer the phone, provide customer service, manage your schedule and coordinate the logistics of your events? For a small fraction of the cost, an All Things Speaking professional with over 20 years experience will run each administrative piece of your speaking business.

  • Phone Coverage / Customer Service
    We cover the phone for you during regular business hours. Whether you are an aspiring speaker performing at your “day” job, traveling, speaking or working to advance your speaking career, when someone is interested in hiring you to speak, they will get a person on the other end of the phone as opposed to voicemail. This will also ensure that people inquiring about your services will be given an immediate answer and not risk the inquirer to move on to another speaker.
  • Scheduling
    When a potential client calls, we will place a HOLD on your calendar and gather all pertinent information with respect to the event. When the potential client is ready to confirm the event, we will move the event from HOLD to CONFIRMED and update the event accordingly. In the occasion the potential client would release the event, we will release the event from your calendar.
  • Logistics
    If an event confirms, we will continue to work the logistics of the event with the client. As far as travel arrangements, we will NOT book airfare. If the client provides the Hotel and Ground Transportation we will work with them and communicate those arrangements to you via eSpeakers. If the client does not provide one and/or the other, you will be responsible for booking those as well.



Unfortunately, many speakers are still in the dark about how to use both online and offline channels together to create marketing imprints. In an ever more connected world, it can be challenging to bridge the gap between print and digital marketing. Print marketing is proven to generate authentic and trust-based connections. On the other hand, digital marketing and mass emailing is cheaper, faster and audiences can be targeted straightforwardly. The most successful and forward-thinking speakers find a way to leverage all three methods. All Things Speaking creates marketing strategies that use the personal nature of print in combination with the technological innovations of digital marketing. We cut through the noise and make an impact with your marketing.

  • Print Mailing
    We offer a wide variety of print mailing options from postcards to 4-page full color brochures and cover letters. You provide us with your finished marketing piece and we will print, label, stamp and send your print marketing items.
  • Digital Mailing
    Our marketing team works with you to develop a program that identifies specific targets and then assists in creating emails to produce a response. From the subject to the content, each touch point email is fashioned in a way that is more likely to get opened and read.
  • Mass Emailing
    Constant Contact is the top speaker-friendly mass emailing option available. Newsletters, announcements, and special promotions are the best ways to keep yourself visible and top of mind to your followers. You provide us with the design and we will manage uploading, scheduling, sending and maintaining your account. We can manage all of the details to maximize your exposure for a weekly, monthly, or quarterly campaign.

*Print mailing cost is determined by the marketing item, design, volume, and postage. Mass Emailing cost is determined by the design and monthly Constant Contact rate.



Prospecting and finding legitimate leads in the speaking industry with verified contact information is challenging. At All Things Speaking we guarantee accurate and up-to-date, premium contact lists to download. Purchasing direct marketing information from us is easy. An optional cover letter is included with every target database. Steve Gilliland’s databases are trusted by the industries best speakers!

  • Unmatched Accuracy – Organizations that we know hire speakers include Steve’s previous clients, client referrals, and established lead sources. Our former dealings with these clients ensure the exactness of our lists.
  • Excel-Ready Files – Download your list and integrate it into your CRM.
  • Premium Full Contacts – Lists include email, phone, and postal address.
  • Direct Contacts Only – With our lists you email real people and not generics such as contact@.

*Pricing is determined by the database size.



A social media marketing strategy is your game plan to build awareness for your speaking business and grow your following on social media. All Things Speaking helps you create a social media strategy that includes setting goals, choosing the right networks to use, assistance in setting up your accounts (passwords and user names), coordinating your posts, and creating a social media schedule.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

*Design and development of a YouTube channel is not part of the Social Media Placement rate; however, it is available as a separate offering.



With over 20 years experience in managing the Steve Gilliland Store, and a variety of other speakers, we know that shipping is definitely a challenging aspect for any e-commerce business. All Things Speaking will automate and handle the shipping for you and shorten your shipping time. We will warehouse your inventory and when an order comes in we will pick, pack and ship the purchase order on your behalf. We use the cheapest shipping rates by utilizing the widest range of shipping options.

*The rate will encompass the actual shipping cost and a handling fee computed from the order subtotal that includes picking and packaging.



All Things Speaking handles the shipping of all products and marketing materials distributed into your programs. Shipping notifications and tracking information is provided to the speaker.

*The rate will encompass the actual shipping cost and a fee that includes picking, boxes, and packaging.



The average rent for warehouse space in 2019 was 6.5 U.S. dollars per square foot; however, the majority of speakers who publish a book and develop secondary products usually opt to rent a storage unit. The average price of a standard 10’ x 10’ unit in the U.S. is $111.89, and the average for a climate-controlled unit comes in at $133.01. The warehouse capacity at Steve Gilliland, Inc. is 2,500 square feet, which can store thousands of books, audio books and ancillary products.



With over 20 years experience in developing Audio Books, CDs, DVDs, and MP3 Download alternatives, our product development services can take your content and turn it into a revenue producing business in the back-of-the-room and online. You provide us with the final, approved master audio and/or video and we will create the cover design, duplication and thermal label, cover printing, insert printing and case packaging.

*The overall cost of each project is determined by the initial order quantity.



Once you have recorded and edited your audio book, you can earn added income by uploading it to Audible.com and offering it as an MP3 on your own website. All Things Speaking will assist you in the process necessary to upload specific files to ACX and submit them for approval. Audible has specific guidelines for audio samples, files, and the book description. This service accelerates the approval process so your book gets approval and goes on sale within days instead of weeks.

  • Audio Book / Audible
  • CD / MP3
  • DVD / MP4



Through 20-plus years of trial and error, Hall of Fame Speaker Steve Gilliland has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of dealing with contracted vendors who offer services to the speaking industry. This exclusive amenity connects speakers with proven forerunners who specialize in proficiencies necessary to build a prosperous speaking business. This service fast-tracks speakers in constructing a business by vetting and removing the guesstimating, which saves a significant amount of time and money.

  • Website Design
  • Preview Video
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing
  • Public Relations
  • Book Publisher
  • Audio Book Publisher
  • Ghost Writer (Newsletters, Blogs, Books)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • YouTube Channel Design
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