We are a dedicated management group that manages a select number of speakers. Our focus is to be their sales and marketing team and administrative department. We are proud to partner with event planners and speakers bureaus around the world, providing immediate access to calendar availabilities and materials. Our number one goal is to get you booked!



The following items are required to be in place before a speaker will be considered as a candidate to be managed. We will provide ongoing counsel regarding each of these elements; however, each core piece must already be complete.

  • eSpeakers
  • Logo
  • Biography
  • Fee Schedule
  • Speaker Introduction
  • Signature Presentation
  • Brand Brochure
  • Website
  • Preview Video



Within the past few years, the importance of digital marketing has become a phenomenon. It has become an integral part of what a business is to its customers. Unfortunately, the speaking industry is just now catching up and realizing it’s no longer enough to have a website and a one-sheet. Our primary focus is email and mass emailing. With 20 years of data to support our decisions, and accurate up-to-date target databases, we are laser-focused.

  • Email (Touch Point Campaign)
  • Mass Emailing (Top-of-Mind Campaign)



Digital marketing allows speakers to compete with a much smaller marketing budget. As the Internet becomes entwined with everything we do, the importance of heightened digital marketing is becoming clearer. The five elements listed below are not required or included as part of the management agreement. However, guidance on how to engage them is part of the management agreement.

  • SEO
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Text-To-Join (Newsletter Sign-Up)
  • YouTube Channel Design



The following print marketing items are a part of Hall of Fame Speaker Steve Gilliland’s marketing toolbox. With over 20 years of experience developing marketing materials to build his speaking business, these options are not required. However, they are available for design as part of the management agreement.

  • Book
  • Brand Postcard
  • Niche One-Sheet
  • Cover Letter Templates
  • Pre-Purchase One-Sheet
  • Thank You Card & Envelope
  • Anniversary Card & Envelope
  • Envelope Stickers
  • Back-of-the-Room (Promotional, Price & Payment Tent Cards)
  • Takeaway (Bookmark)
  • WOW Package
  • Above & Beyond (Post-Program Gift)


Part of the comprehensive plan includes segmentation and personalization. With 72% of consumers preferring that businesses use email to communicate with them, this individualized approach is compulsory. As “engaged” leads, the importance of sending them content that is highly relevant to stay top of mind is important. Our targeted approach is proven to get results through segmentation and personalization.

  • Post Program
  • Previous Clients
  • Holds Released
  • Inquiries (Web / Email / Program)
  • Referrals
  • Quick Question



Pubic enemy number one in the speaking industry is the lack of marketing skills. Close behind is the ability to sell, sell, sell. Marketing to potential clients (prospecting) boils down to one thing: follow-up. At All Things Speaking, we maximize our digital marketing investment by utilizing the right processes, activities and skills.

  • Associations
  • Industry Niche



There are nearly two dozen first-rate professional associations for meeting planners and event planners. We target and help you build a relationship with the following three:

  • SHRM
  • MPI
  • ASAE



In addition to partnering with speakers bureaus, we use an Advocate Marketing strategy established to garner more referrals and spinoff bookings.

  • Speakers Bureaus
  • Advocates



Our dedicated staff assists with calendars, travel and logistics before, during and after the event. We are known for our outstanding customer service, attention to detail and response time.

  • eSpeakers
  • CRM
  • Holds
  • Confirmed Events



Success is in the details, and in the world of speaking there are many of them. Keeping track of numerous pre-event tasks and constantly changing to-do lists all at once, while keeping the client happy, can be challenging. From before the event to after the event, and everything in between, our team will manage every detail of the event.

  • Pre-Program Checklist
  • Program Checklist
  • Post-Program Follow-Up
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